• Eric J. Barron, President, The Pennsylvania State University

  • President Barron congratulates new graduates at Fall 2014 commencement

  • President Barron addresses new graduates at Fall 2014 commencement

  • President Barron discusses issues with student leaders at the Hintz Alumni Center (2014)

  • Eric and Molly Barron, Homecoming Parade 2014

  • President Barron address the University Faculty Senate meeting 2014

  • President Barron greets student residents during 2014 Lion Walk

  • Barron Portrait, Schreyer House 2014

  • Eric and Molly Barron Portrait, Schreyer House 2014

  • President Barron meets new students at New Student Convocation reception 2014

  • President Barron addresses new students at Convocation 2014

  • President Barron speaks to the University Staff Advisory Council (USAC) 2014

  • Collegian reporter interviews President Barron 2014

  • Barron Portrait, Old Main 2014

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Digging Deeper: Food Security

Published on Nov 9, 2017

Global population and global hunger are on the rise. According to the United Nations, there will be nearly 10 billion people on the planet by the year 2050. Of the 7.5 billion people on Earth today, 815 million of them are hungry. Feeding the current population while keeping up with growth will be a major challenge.

Digging Deeper: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

Published on Oct 24, 2017

A pair of Penn State professors discuss their research study on the effects of overusing antibiotics with Penn State President Eric Barron.

Digging Deeper: The Future of Electric Vehicles

Published on Oct 24, 2017

Penn State President Eric J. Barron welcomes professor Chao-Yang Wang and graduate fellow Ryan Longchamps from the Penn State BEST Center to discuss the advancements in lithium battery technology and the future of electric vehicles.

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