President Barron's Six Imperatives

Committing to Excellence

The quality of our faculty and programs determines the value of the education we offer to students and greatly impacts their potential for career success. Our alumni and friends can help us support both innovation and leadership.

Engaging our Students

The classroom may be where an education begins, but it can’t be where it ends. If we can promote student engagement in worthwhile activities outside of the classroom, like internships, service, global experiences, and one-on-one research with faculty, a wealth of data indicates that our students will graduate with better grades and stronger resumes.

Serving a Diverse World

Our country’s strength and our students’ success depend upon our ability to educate members of every community and background, including historically underrepresented groups, veterans and adults, and international students.

Creating Economic Impact

Sustained by private gifts, Penn State education, research, and outreach can make a real, measurable difference in the economic development of our communities, state, and nation and provide a path for successful careers for our students.

Capitalizing on Technology

New approaches to teaching and outreach, funded through philanthropy, can help prepare students on our campuses as well as our growing online audience for rapid change and lifelong learning.

Supporting Educational Access

Even as opportunities grow and evolve, we must keep a Penn State degree affordable for students and families. Scholarships were the top priority during For the Future, and they will remain a top priority in the future.