A group of researchers show their work to President Barron

I consider it a personal obligation to ensure that we make a great institution even greater. — Dr. Eric J. Barron

Penn State's 18th President

On May 12, 2014, Eric Barron began his tenure as Penn State's 18th president. He returned to Penn State from the helm at Florida State, bringing with him nearly 35 years of leadership experience in academic administration, education, research, and public service, and a track record as a talented manager of fiscal policy within large and complex institutions. He is an accomplished scientist with a long background in atmospheric research and geosciences.

Since he arrived at Penn State, President Barron has been focused on one job—how to make a great public university even greater. To that end, he is exploring six imperatives for education: Access and Affordability; Economic Development and Student Career Success; Student Engagement, Excellence; Diversity and Demographics; and Technology. More information and details about these and other initiatives can be found under speeches and commentary.