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President Erickson’s Promise to the Penn State Community

With the full support of the Board of Trustees, I have outlined five promises to the Penn State community that will guide my leadership of this great institution in the wake of this tragedy. I wish to share these promises with everyone who is a part of our community.

  1. I will reinforce to the entire Penn State community the moral imperative of doing the right thing – the first time, every time.
    • We will revisit all standards, policies, and programs to ensure they meet not only the law, but Penn State’s standard. To oversee this effort, I will appoint an Ethics Officer who will report directly to me.
    • I ask for the support of the entire Penn State community to work together to reorient our culture. Never again should anyone at Penn State feel scared to do the right thing. My door will always be open.
  2. As I lead by example, I will expect no less of others.
    • I will ensure proper governance and oversight exists across the entire University, including Intercollegiate Athletics.
  3. Penn State is committed to transparency to the fullest extent possible, given the ongoing investigations.
    • I commit to providing meaningful and timely updates as frequently as needed.
    • I encourage dialogue with students, faculty, alumni, and other members of the Penn State community.
  4. We will be respectful and sensitive to the victims and their families. We will seek appropriate ways to foster healing and raise broader awareness of the issue of sexual abuse.
  5. My administration will provide whatever resources, access, and information are needed to support the Special Committee’s investigation. I pledge to take immediate action based on its findings.

These guiding principles are my personal commitment to help Penn State address the substantive issues we are facing, while also accomplishing the daily business of the University, including educating more than 96,000 students, breakthrough research, and a commitment to service.

President Rodney Erickson